About Zombiegram

Will you scream if you see another retro filtered latte pic? Now there’s a genuine reason for mobile photos to inspire terror…

Zombiegram is a new app that takes your shots into a world of horror, carnage, and delicious brains.

Choose from 12 B-horror inspired photo filters, drag on some zombie features, and watch them magically render.

(for good measure add an axe or two and some blood splatters)

You can spread the zombie plague across all your favourite social networks by sharing photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare.

If those social networks are not quite undead enough for you can follow tasty looking new friends within Zombiegram.

There is a handy map so you can watch as the outbreak spreads. No friend, family member, or household pet should remain safe.

4:3 is the new square.

Effects Include: Dawn, Found Footage, Virus, 80s, Living Dead, Walker, Super 8, Twilight, Resident, 30 days, Paranormal, and Glitch.

Over 20 stickers with everything you need to infect the world around you - from eye rash to exposed organs.

Zombiegram uses ’Sign in with Snapr‘ so you can also see all your photos via Snapr.

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